Born 1961 Bromley, Kent.


1997 Trinity School of Music London, Licentiate Diploma (piano performer) with distinction.
1984 Chelsea School of Art, London MA
1983 Chelsea School of Art, London BA (1st)
1983 Awarded the Henry Moore Scholarship

Rosemary Burn is a British portrait and landscape painter whose work is mainly commission based. Group shows to date include the International Garden Festival Liverpool, Tate Modern, and City Racing.


Since leaving Chelsea Art College in 1984, where I studied sculpture, I have spent most of the intervening years as a classical pianist and teacher. I had decided that conceptual sculpture was not a sustainable future for me, along with the constraints of showing with a gallery.
But in 2012 I picked up a paintbrush - it was an incredible feeling to rediscover the freedom to explore my interest in the visual world, and this time I chose paint and human portraiture. It is another great freedom to be able to show my work on the internet, away from the gallery format.
I also claim the freedom to be able to reinvent my work, and change my interests over time. In the 80s I was creating objects with a mechanised component; for example a bicycle with a hidden motor in the back wheel, turning it endlessly to cause the illusion of a never ending moment in time shortly after an accident. Another piece I created was a telephone receiver (this was before mobile devices) with the wire cut, lying on the ground making the sound of 'heavy breathing'. Another was a remote controlled leg of lamb...
So I have arrived at portraiture. My portrait work points towards impressionism whilst also seeking to describe the underlying qualities of the sitter. I greatly admire the paintings of Alice Neel, whose works display absolute honesty, as well as the fine line between the abstract and representational, the finished and the unfinished. I can identify with the tension this artist finds between the use of paint as expression through gesture, and the need to use it as a means to create illusion through light and colour.
The paintings I currently have on my website are mostly very recent, and I am learning something new with each one. I hope you will revisit my galleries often, and that you will enjoy seeing the work as it develops. If you would like to commission a portrait, or other painting, please feel free to contact me.

© 2017 Rosemary Burn